The Havens Group

Our brokers' intimate knowledge of the market and our relationships give our clients the edge. This inside market access is critical to success - so you'll know not only what is possible but also what might become possible in the future. Clients continue to rely on our services because they know that our professionals will handle each transaction and each investment with the creativity, energy and perseverance needed to get the results the client needs.

Advisory Services

The Havens Group, Inc. knows our market, and we are on call to provide the skills and historical data together with our recommendations based on present-day market conditions to position your properties. We will help you realize reliable valuations with prompt turnaround. We know that when a client receives the approval to evaluate or dispose of an asset or an entire portfolio, time is money. That's why we emphasize the importance of speed, efficiency and accuracy when delivering our recommendations.

Recognizing that each client has individual needs, we offer a full range of services that can be customized to meet those needs. Clients benefit from our market research, strategic planning skills and ability to assist in all phases of real estate development, management and leasing. And our team approach means bringing together the expertise needed to complete our assignments on time and on budget.